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About Us...

This journey has been a while in the making. I have known for a very long time that I wanted to do something girly where women could feel great about themselves and create long lasting memories. My dream finally started to become a reality in July of 2021 with the founding of Down the Aisle Bridal Shop!

A passion for bridal has always been a part of my makeup. My sister and I would go get bridal magazines and plan her wedding, specifically what kind of dress she would wear. We had very opposite tastes, she was more modern elegant, and I was more classic princess.


When I got married, I initially had a very disappointing dress shopping experience. I was a “Plus-size” bride and the idea of being center of attention while trying on dresses was overwhelming and uncomfortable. The first bridal shop I went to was for “normal” women. It was not a positive experience for me. My wedding was getting closer, and I still did not have a dress. Then I came across a woman named Donna who absolutely made me feel like her bridal shop was a place for women like me. She has since retired, and she now serves as a brilliant mentor. Because of the experience I had with her, I knew then that I wanted to replicate and expand on what I had experienced through opening my own bridal shop.


So, I am pleased to announce that Down the Aisle Bridal Shop is now open and located in Dunlap, IL. 


Down the Aisle Bridal Shop is a size-inclusive bridal shop. We offer choices for women of all shapes and sizes. Most exciting of all, we specialize in dresses for Curvy Brides! Finally, a place for everyone! Plan for an experience unlike any other. You are guaranteed to be pampered when you choose Down the Aisle Bridal Shop as your Bridal Shop. Together, we are going to find the right dress for you because you truly deserve to feel like a queen when you walk down the aisle.

Much Love,


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