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My name is Rachel O'Kane


I'm the owner of Down the Aisle Bridal Shop! I am so glad you found my business. It has been my dream for many years to own a bridal shop. I believe that every bride deserves an individualized bridal experience and that is exactly what you can expect in my shop!

Here's what you should know about me:

  • I'm a straight-shooter! I am going to give you candid feedback as you try on gowns to help you navigate finding "the one."

  • I believe that it will be effortless for you to say YES to your dress if your gown is in my shop. If it's not, then you will be able to walk away having had a remarkable experience.

  • I like to ask deep questions to ensure that I am truly understanding your vision for your big day. After all, it is YOUR wedding! 

  • I love weddings and can advise you on literally anything wedding related. If I do not have the answer, I will get it for you!

  • Fave drink: Iced Latte, I love specialty flavors too!

  • Enneagram: 2 The Helper! (but, I might actually be a 4!)

  • Puppies: Yes please! I have 3! Chewy, Harri, & Lilith. 

  • Netflix Binge: The Office! (That's what she said!)

  • Vacation Bucket List: St. Petersburg, Russia! I love everything European Royal: French, English, and especially Imperial Russia!

I can not wait to meet you and help you find the perfect dress!


Meet my Team

These two are kind, have great attention to detail, and love everything bridal!

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